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Drive Change with Kia

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Drive Change is about making a difference in our communities, no matter how big or small and is an integral part of Kia Canada’s identity.

In 2010 Kia held its first annual Drive Change initiative by helping to build a community garden for the Gilder Drive Living Community, a Toronto community housing project. Since then we’ve worked hard to make Drive Change bigger and better every year through various activities across Canada, whether it’s a fundraising initiative, a community activity such as restoring a playground, or simply raising awareness to an important cause like safe driving.

This year’s Drive Change was our most successful yet. To kick it off, we couldn’t have been happier to have had Michael “Pinball” Clemons as our honoured guest speaker at the Corporate Partners Summit. 

We also had some familiar faces return, including Rick Campanelli of Entertainment Tonight Canada, who also recorded some web videos for Kia involving Drive Change tips. 

So what can you do to Drive Change? Well, first know that you don’t need to do something big to create a positive impact in your community. Even small acts of kindness can snowball and turn into significant changes. You can also start now by supporting Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and take the pledge to drive sober at www.mapofhope.ca.

Want other ideas on how to Drive Change? Go to our Drive Change website and get inspired by individuals and organizations who are driving change everywhere.




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Parts and Service

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Eating right, exercising and regular check-ups ensure our optimal health. Some people don’t consider that their car needs similar attention in order to ensure its optimal operating condition.

While basic things like scheduled oil changes are obviously critical, one overlooked area of car maintenance are your tires. Under inflating them can cause poor or delayed braking, poor steering and poor acceleration as well as expedited wear. Similarly, over inflating can make them ride on the centre portion of the tire tread causing a harsh ride and uneven wear.

Take a peek at Kia’s tire education newsletter to learn more about tire safety:


Another important part of looking after your car is getting your Kia serviced at a Kia dealership. Why? Simple. Kia dealers know Kia cars. With years of knowledge on how Kia cars operate, the service department at your Kia dealership will ensure your car is working the way it should be. 


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Applied Arts Award

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People use art to communicate with each other and the world around us. In advertising, art has always been an integral element in telling a story and expressing an idea. So how did Kia Canada get into the Applied Arts magazine annual award issue? 

Earlier this year, Kia produced a commercial in which a waiter tries on a pair of glasses belonging to a Kia designer. What happens next is that he sees all the incredible inspirations that Kia designers use in designing our cars.

To pull off this wildly imaginative idea, Kia used state-of-the-art animation. It was a very challenging task since there were multiple scenes with a wide variety of animation styles – so much that the project took many months to complete. But the final product speaks for itself: a truly captivating commercial that rewarded Kia in this year’s Applied Arts recognitions.

Kia’s “Glasses” commercial allows you to see what it really means to be a Kia owner: when you buy a Kia, you’re not just buying a car, you’re buying innovative design.

Check out the video below and see all the inspirations for yourself. 


Glasses Image


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Interbrand Top 100

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Every year, Interbrand (www.interbrand.com) releases its list of top 100 global brands. This year, Kia is very proud to be on the list at number 87.

Since 1974, Interbrand has been changing the world’s view of what branding is by showing that brand management is an important part of a company and that brands are actual assets to be valued.

Getting on this list is not an easy feat, nor something we take lightly at Kia. Staying innovative, value-oriented and fulfilling demand in the marketplace is how we’ll continue to stay on the Interbrand list with a goal of steady improvements and wins.

Either way, know that when you drive a Kia you’re driving a brand that has been vetted by a group of experts who unanimously agree it deserves a place on the list of the top 100 global brands.



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Red Dot Design Award

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In the world of design, there are numerous prestigious acknowledgements – one of which is the highly regarded Red Dot Design Award. The all-new, European-inspired 2014 Kia Rondo Urban Utility Vehicle (UUV) was presented with a Red Dot design award this year.

Designed to be a versatile and family-friendly vehicle, it wasn’t easy to create a car that functions as such, while being stylish as well. World-renowned car designer and Kia’s Chief Design Officer and President, Peter Schreyer worked tirelessly with the Kia design team to ensure function and style came together in a unique package.

So who decided the Rondo deserved the Red Dot Design Award? The Red Dot panel was made up of influential designers, professors and independently selected journalists from around the world who critiqued the Rondo based on various criteria including: degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, durability, symbolic and emotional content, product periphery, self-explanatory quality and ecological compatibility.