5. May 2016 17:40
by Administrator

Kia Soul Wins Third Consecutive Award from ALG!

5. May 2016 17:40 by Administrator | 0 Comments

Kia Canada is thrilled to announce that the Kia Soul has won its third consecutive Canadian Residual Value Award from the Automotive Lease Guide, or ALG! For over fifty years, the ALG has kept a close eye on the automotive industry on an international level, consistently testing and reporting on every aspect of the market. ALG provides the benchmark for automotive valuation, and the ALG Awards honour mainstream brands that are predicted to retain the highest percentage of their original price after a four-year period. Amazingly, ALG’s values and forecasts have been within 1% of actual values for the last twenty years! 95% of the global automakers, 5 top ratings agencies and 9 of 10 top auto lenders rely on ALG's insights, so it goes without saying that objectivity and accuracy are crucial factors in its valuations.   For the third year in a row, the Kia Soul has been ranked as top pick in the Subcompact Utility Vehicle category. Soul is expected to retain a whopping 57% of its value after three years of ownership, meaning you aren’t just getting a fun, sleek vehicle with Soul, you’re also getting more bang for your buck. I guess what we’re saying is that it isn’t just a pretty face – it’s as valuable as it is stylish. The fun and funky urban hatchback is a mix of personality, utility, and affordability. Soul is instantly recognizable, with its striking features and slick design, and will turn heads everywhere you go.     Read more about the Automotive Lease Guide here : https://www.alg.com/residual-value-awards.html     Check out the Kia Soul here : http://www.kia.ca/soul?sourceid=hp-dropdown