9. June 2016 11:25
by Administrator

Kia is [Made for You]

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What’s the most important part of any Kia vehicle? Its driver and passengers. At Kia, we value the people for whom we make our cars, and we love hearing about how Kia is improving every day life for its beloved drivers. In March, we launched our Made for You testimonial videos, so we could all get to know some of our drivers a little bit better. We heard some fantastic stories, and got to know some amazing people. The best part of these video testimonials was learning more about our extended Kia family. Take Vanessa, for instance: she won a Kia Sportage through a contest, which inevitably saved her family home! She and her mother were about to lose their family home, and selling their Kia Sportage enabled them to keep their house. Vanessa was always grateful to Kia, and remains a happy, loyal Kia driver to this day! Don, his wife Amber, and their beautiful family love their Kia. Not only does it fit their lifestyle and their growing family perfectly, but they’ve experienced its safety first-hand. Don was in a scary accident, which he recalls in his video, and is grateful for Kia’s commitment to safety. After all, his family’s safety is his first priority. Brent is a Kia superfan! He’s had four different Kia vehicles, but is particularly fond of the Sedona, which he toured around in as a musician. He was impressed that the comfortable and spacious Sedona could seat his band members, as well as his precious gear. He even introduced his mother to Kia! Her favourite Kia feature? Heated seats! Check out his story below. Kia is made for people like you. We would love to keep hearing from you, so if you have a Kia story you’d like to share, or if you’d like to let us know how Kia has made a difference in your life, please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, snail mail, or carrier pigeon, and share your Kia-ism.