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Parts and Service

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Eating right, exercising and regular check-ups ensure our optimal health. Some people don’t consider that their car needs similar attention in order to ensure its optimal operating condition. While basic things like scheduled oil changes are obviously critical, one overlooked area of car maintenance are your tires. Under inflating them can cause poor or delayed braking, poor steering and poor acceleration as well as expedited wear. Similarly, over inflating can make them ride on the centre portion of the tire tread causing a harsh ride and uneven wear. Take a peek at Kia’s tire education newsletter to learn more about tire safety: http://www.kia.ca/newsletter/mar13/tireeducation_eng/ Another important part of looking after your car is getting your Kia serviced at a Kia dealership. Why? Simple. Kia dealers know Kia cars. With years of knowledge on how Kia cars operate, the service department at your Kia dealership will ensure your car is working the way it should be.